​​Personalized Christmas ornaments in your choice of color.  As it get closer to the holidays again we will have a page dedicated to just the Christmas holiday.  Our favorite time of the year.

Ceramic tiles are a popular item.  They are very low priced a make great gift for a group of people.  They can be personalized with your business name or group.  Discounts are available for large orders.  Just send us an email.

 Lighted Glass Blocks

Glass blocks measure 6" x 6" and are printed on both sides with a picture or saying.  They can also be personalized if you wish at no extra cost.  They make great displays on a window, fireplace, shelf, table. They are lit with led lights for low heat, so they can be used for night lights. We have different color choices that what is shown in the pictures.     Price: $30.00 - $40.00 + Shipping 

 Welcome to Treasure Hunter! 

We hope your enjoy our lighted glass blocks, lighted bottles, and plaques.  Please visit our Bits & Pieces page to see some of the other items we have designed.

We make any item to order, if you have a favorite saying, picture, birth announcements, weddings, we can make a design for you.  Just send us a note to get started.  We will send you a sample of your design before you order.  

We hope you enjoy the site and please contact us with with any design requests or questions.

Lighted Glass Bottles - This is a new item and we are working on the page, so please be patient.  Bottles come in different colors, usually red, purple, clear or green. Sayings are to your liking and as with the lighted glasss blocks you may choose a favorite saying or themes, if you have one.  Bottles are batterty lite so  to be closno need to plug in.  The on and off switch is in the cork.  These are so enjoyable as they can go from the table to the shelf, mantle, etc.  I have had fun with these giving them as gifts and putting them in a wine gift bag. Imagine the surprise when they go to check out their bottle.  Great fun for gifts.  They can be seasonal or just because.

We do a variety of framed art. We will be adding a page dedicated to framed pictures and shadow boxes.